Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beer #155 - Wit, Oregon Trail Ales, Corvallis Oregon

A new brewery for me! I was in Corvallis not so long ago and was able to try the Wit from Oregon Trail Ales. Now, I did have a mild cold, so my tasting was not as accurate as usual, but I still wanted to share.

It pours a brilliant orange/straw.

The aroma is slight spice with orange and coriander.

It is smooth, but a offers a nice bite with the spice in the body. There is plenty of coriander and orange, white pepper was not as noticeable, but again, a general spice was present.

The aftertaste held orange peel and coriander on the palate, but reset quickly.

A crisp, but smooth offering, it went well with the huge sandwich I enjoyed...


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