Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beer #173 - Secession Black, Hopworks Urban Brewery - Portland, Oregon

Carbon neutral and organic, Hopworks is a conscientious brewery that offers up a great line-up of beer. I was excited to see their Black IPA (a.k.a. Cascadian Dark Ale) at the store - a style that is rapidly becoming a favorite. Let's pour!

It pours opaque with a big tight head.

It is aggressively fragrant with big hop aromas and spruce. A nice roast malt echoes in the background.

It is smooth and bold. The hop develops on the tongue of this full-bodied beer. Hops are very pronounced, their tangy character bounces all around the palate. Spruce tones add boldness to the hops, while also sweetening the beer slightly. The malt backbone adds a little more fullness to the body. The roast tones develop as it warms, but the beer retains a nice crispness.

The aftertastes is considerably mild. The hop dissolves leaving the beer refreshing and crisp. The malt lingers a bit adding dimension and weight to the palate making the next sip even better!

Available now, it is absolutely perfect for these beautiful February days. The hop brightness compliments the sun, the dark color and malts compliment the fact that strangely, it is still winter! 6.5% with 70 IBU's.


At 6.5% with 70 IBUs, it stands to be a formidable

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