Saturday, January 31, 2009

Derniere Volonte, Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!, Montreal Canada

Another from my favorite breweries from "up North". This is their Abbey-Style Blond ale. It is 6.5% and bottle conditioned in the 11.5 oz bottles. They are growing increasingly findable especially at your local special brew store. If they don't, ask about them - they are worth it! You can find them imported by Shelton Brothers in Belchertown, MA. The bottle mentions that Derniere Volonte (that's without the necessary accents on the e's) is French for "last will" and that this brew is a mix of Belgian and English traditions.

It pours a hazy amber.

The aroma is citrus, wheat and big yeast. A nice hop aroma (it is dry-hopped).

The taste is citrus up front with mild hop. In the body it holds a yeast/wheatness and finishes a bit sour, but fairly clean. It is a medium body beer with a lot of tones that progress while drinking. My favorite part is the aroma and initial taste. For me, the body and finish leave something to be desired. A little flat and it doesn't seem to quite balance with the initial citrus/hop.

The aftertaste is wheat, fairly clean with a very mild citrus.

All-in-all not my personal favorite from the brewery. I suppose as a mix of Belgium/English styles it probably hits the mark pretty close. It just isn't exciting my palate too much. Still quite drinkable and another interesting brew! Well worth the try, especially if you are into blond ales.


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