Monday, March 9, 2009

Menage A Frog, Issaquah Brewery, Seattle Washington

Well, let's line up another Belgian Style Tripel Ale - this one from the West Coast. The Issaquah Brewery still operates in Seattle though it is now a subsidiary of Rogue Ales. They use Abbey Yeast and this beer arrives with 30 IBU. It's available in the 750 ML. bottle from Rogue and I'm sure if you are close to Issaquah, you can find it with ease. I have a feeling it will be worth seeking out -

It pours a bright straw colored with a nice head.

The aroma is yeast with white pepper with mild orange peel and slight coriander.

This is a nicely balanced Belgian. It starts crisp with some hop and yeast that develops into a nice citrus/orange peel in the medium body. It finishes with yeast and alcohol. These flavors along with a general white pepper that follows throughout blend nicely and develop in a balanced yet characteristic way.

The aftertaste is alcohol with yeast and a nice bitterness that lingers lively on the tongue.

As it says on the bottle "Take a flying Leap, Leap, Leap!" If you come across it - Do not hesitate! Order and....


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