Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tripel, Southern Tier Brewing, Lakewood New York

Our next beer comes from a brewery that continues to prove itself. The Southern Tier Brewery, located in Lakewood, NY, has had their beers reviewed a few times on this blog, to much satisfaction. Their Tripel Style Belgian Triple Ale is fermented 3 times - twice in the brewery and once in the bottle. Let's give it a try....

It pours a brilliant amber with a thin tight head.

Big yeast aroma with mild citrus - with mild orange peel and hop.

It begins with yeast and in the medium body, there is a hop bitterness that builds through the finish. Mild citrus holds in the body along with some general spice. It is silky smooth a little thick like honey, but it has big alcohol tones in the end.

The aftertaste is held with yeast, bitterness and alcohol.

It is 9% and available in 22 oz bottles. It is a bit hard to find, I did see a few at Bottleworks in Seattle. If you come across any of their beers - DO NOT HESITATE - buy and enjoy!


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