Friday, September 18, 2009

Beer #151 - Old Stock 2008, North Coast Brewing Company, Fort Bragg, California

Well, I may not have waited long enough, but I couldn't resist cracking open my Old Stock...

Pours a thick caramel/copper color.

The aroma is sweet malt, with a mild nuttiness. Hop is largely apparent after the sweetness.

The full body has large notes of caramel and thick sticky malt. Mild hop develops at the end of the body and though the bitterness is mild, it is present. It ends with bitterness, sweet and alcohol

The aftertaste is all alcohol, malt and caramel. It finishes relatively smooth for such a strong ale - it has a velvety character that pulls the chewy malt out from being too thick.

Available in 12oz bottles with 12.5%.


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