Friday, November 14, 2008

Old Jubilation, Avery Brewing, Boulder Colorado

Our next winter ale arrives from Avery Brewing in Colorado. I had this beer last year, I am excited to try it again....

It pours nearly opaque with a decent head. All signs point to this being a classic winter warmer.

The smell is sweet malt with a general holiday spice; fairly clean.

It tastes clean and refreshing. It's malty without the heaviness. It has a medium to full body with a slight bitterness.

The aftertaste is subtle with malt and roastiness.

This is an English Strong Ale style beer with Bullion hops and Two-row Barley, Special Roast, Black, Chocolate, & Victory malts. It is 8.0% with 30 IBU's.

I recommend this beer as a great example of a traditional winter ale. It is available from October to December in six packs all over....


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