Monday, February 23, 2009

Beer 100! Belgian White, Portsmouth Brewery, Portsmouth New Hampshire

Beer 100! But really, who's counting....

So another from the brewery I cannot get enough of - but unfortunately can't get any more of! It's a wonderful brewery in Portsmouth, NH and with their sister brewery, Smuttynose - they are my favorite new find of the past few years. A perfect way to celebrate 100 - let's drink.

It pours a bright glowing straw with a tight head.

The aroma is a complex bouquet of orange peel, coriander, deep spices and citrus. Mild honey is also present, but not too sweet.

The flavor is equally complex. It starts with the orange peel. In the medium body, the deep spices are revealed. It ends with a crisp sweetness. Some milder flavors in the body are white pepper and coriander. The citrus and white pepper play on the tongue in the finish along with a mild yeast.

The aftertaste is quite mild and the crispness gives way to a nice creamy citrus. It resets quickly, but the white pepper lingers for a bit longer. A wonderful flavor is left in the mouth.

Okay, I might just be a Portsmouth/Smuttynose fanatic, but another wonderful beer from the New Hampshire duo. It is available seasonally in 22oz bottles at or very near the brewery and on tap at their brewpub in Portsmouth.


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