Monday, February 9, 2009

In Heat Wheet Hefeweizen, Flying Dog Ales, Frederick Maryland

I'm back to it again - it's been a great week of brewpubs around the Portland area. Our friends from Atlanta were impressed by the selection of local beers and we enjoyed many of them. Unfortunately, not many got blogged about, but a few - just enough to keep me from feeling guilty.

This is a beer I had awhile ago, one of my back-logged posts.

It pours a cloudy unfiltered amber.

The aroma is wheat with slight dried banana and mild white pepper.

It is wheaty with a medium body. Dried banana and citrus forms in the mouth. It finishes with a mild white pepper/dried banana.

The aftertaste is citrus wheat. I'm a fan of big beers and this one is a little on the softer side. I think it would be an enjoyable beer for those who are first venturing into hef's and not quite ready to make the transatlantic voyage to the land of hef's quite yet.


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