Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Double Haul IPA, Kettle House Brewing Company, Missoula Montana

Our next brew announces a first for the blog. I, like many, will freely admit my wariness of canned beer - but we shouldn't let that interfere with giving them a try. I don't know much about the Kettle House Brewing Company. Their website announces they use cans because they are recyclable (made from 80% recycled material), opaque (less susceptible to flavor changes), and easily transportable. Good reasons, let's give it a try. This was a gift from my friend Jason - he picked it up on a recent move from Boston to SF, so Jason - this one's for you - Thanks!

I'm not sure what their availability is - this is my first encounter. It is a 16oz can at 6.6% with 65 IBU's and made with Cascade hops in the bittering, flavoring, and finishing.

It pours bright amber with a nice tight head.

The aroma is all hops, of course. Big, bitter, fresh flowery hop - to get a good idea of what Cascade hops are about - this is the beer to try.

The taste is big crisp hop. It has a medium/full body and the bitterness expands right after sipping. It finishes flowery and bitter - a great testament to hops! It is not overly hoppy and has a nice crispness that keeps the palate lively and fresh.

The aftertaste is mild bitter and flowery.

This is by far the BEST canned beer I've ever had - don't let the aluminum fool you!


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