Friday, December 12, 2008

10 Below, Scuttlebutt Brewing Company, Everett Washington

Another first for me. I haven't had one of Scuttlebutt's beers before - so let's give it a try...It's an imperial dunkel weiss (Dark Wheat). Sounds good!

It pours opaque with a bubbly head.

The aroma is malt with roasty coffee tones, but still fairly crisp. There is sweetness and slight vanilla at the end.

The taste is malty and wheaty at first. It is very smooth even from the beginning. It has a full body - the sweetness is balanced by the roasty tones and slight coffee notes.

The aftertaste goes quickly leaving a slight roasty flavor.

This is an excellent beer - it demonstrates perfectly the difference between a one dimensional beer and a well balanced beer. Tones are evident without being overwhelming - sweetness doesn't dominate the beer, the flavor blossoms delicately even for a robust beer.

This is an excellent strong winter warmer.

From their website: Hops: Mt. Hood & American Sazz with 22 ibu’s. 7.4%.

I haven't seen their beer too many places. Check for it in 12 oz and 22 oz bottles - I got mine at Belmont Station.


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