Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Lager, Samuel Adams, Jamaica Plain Massachusetts

Massachusetts...I just moved from Boston where I enjoyed a couple of years of East Coast living. Of course, I had Sam Adams beer while there - as well as many beers from the Boston and Mass. area. One thing about Sam Adams - they have some free tastings you can sign up for once a month - which is a lot of fun. Though, in my view, a lot of their beers are baseline - that is the place where beer should start at and go up from, but never below - it is always fun to have free beer. One thing to note is that a little bird back east told me that most of the brewing is done away from Boston - they still have a facility in Boston, where they develop their beers and try them out on happily willing people like me!

The Winter Lager pours a medium amber with a thin head.

The aroma is sweet malt with a little spiciness.

The taste is malty, mild roasty and mildly sweet. It is easy to drink with a medium body. It is clean and crisp and would be easy to pair or drink alone.

The aftertaste is mild mild bitter and the palate resets quickly.

This is the kind of beer that would go over well with the middle-road beer drinkers. It is mild and subtle, but still offers some dimension. It goes well with a warm meal on a cold night. I prefer it with some Bluestone pizza on Commonwealth Avenue with mine!


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