Saturday, December 20, 2008

Harvey's Christmas Ale, Harvey's, Lewes Sussex England

Our first International Holiday brew. Harvey's is available at several places in small 9.3 oz heavy bottles. Look for it at your local beer proprietor and occasionally at your well-stocked neighborhood grocer.
I've not had Harvey's before, so let's give it a try...

It pours a deep red with a big head.

The aroma is very sweet malt, almost cherry-ish.

The taste is malt and barley forward. It is a little sour in the body. There is a weird sweet/sour thing going on that seems to balance itself out by the finish. There are big hints of the cherry-ness throughout.

The aftertaste finishes sour and a bit bitter, but the palate seems to reset fairly quickly - which is good, otherwise, the cherry would get a little sticky and overbearing.

It is a good after dinner brew to drink slowly while watching the snow fall. I highly recommend it to those who have been around the usual block of Holiday ales and are looking for something different to quaff.


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