Thursday, October 16, 2008

Belgian White, Long Trail Brewing Company, Vermont

And now back to the Northeast with Long Trail's Belgian White Ale....

It pours a bright golden with a nice foamy head.

The smell is all citrus and yeast.

The citrus/yeast flavor dominates the flavor. There is also white pepper and a general spiciness to it's character. It has a medium body and is slightly flowery.

The taste lingers on the palate nicely. It is a fresh & crisp beer and is very refreshing.

From their website, I learned that it is made from two-row and wheat malts - see the beer lesson earlier concerning two-row malt. The hops are Nugget. It is 4.7% with 14 IBUs.

The beer is available in 6-packs March through August all around the Northeast.


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