Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wolaver's Will Steven's Organic Pumpkin Ale, Otter Creek Brewing

Our beer today is from the Otter Creek Brewery in Vermont. Otter Creek/Wolaver's beers are available all over the country. Their pumpkin beer is named Will Steven's, as it comes from the organic Will Steven's pumpkin farm next to the brewery in Vermont. I never made it to the brewery, but Vermont is a wonderful place to visit with many beer destinations to keep you fueled.

It pours an orange amber. It is cloudy with a light head.

The smell is definitely spicy, almost a little musty. It is a heavy aroma with slight pumpkin. There is also a distinct sweetness that lingers.

The taste is very sweet, especially at the end. There is spiciness all around but I taste only a slight pumpkin flavor. It gets even sweeter as you drink it. There is cinnamon but it is curved by the sweetness. It has a light body, but a little thickness builds as you drink it. The sweetness also builds.

The aftertaste is light and crisp. It is refreshing except for the sweetness. There is a lightly lingering spice.


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