Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin Ale, Bison Brewery, Berkeley CA

Our next beer is an interesting and exciting choice. This is the first beer I have had from Bison, which is an organic brewery out of Berkeley, California. Straight to it....

The beer pours a bright amber, it is cloudy with a thin head.

The smell is mild, slightly sweet, and mild pumpkin pie.

The taste is a little bit of a surprise. There is hop and yeast noticeable in the beer. The yeast makes the beer a little like a White beer with a little white pepper taste in it. It is spicy and the pumpkin is definitely there. It is slightly reminiscent of a Belgian beer, but for the pumpkin spices.

The aftertaste is sweet, then white peppery and spicy with mild pumpkin.

This is a delicious departure from the other pumpkin beers due to the presence of yeast. I highly recommend grabbing one while they are available. I bought mine at Belmont Station here in Portland, but I've seen it all over the Northwest. Check for it in the 22oz bottle.


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