Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Harpoon Rusty's Red Rye, 100 Barrel Series

Today's offering comes from the Harpoon Brewery in Boston, MA. They come out with a new beer in their 100 Barrel Series every few months and they are limited edition and one of a kind! You can't beat that and you can usually find them in the stores around the Northeast - so check it out. They have a great website which details each of their beers in the series.
I tried the Rusty's Red Rye Ale, which was a sad moment - as this was the last Harpoon beer I smuggled out of the Northeast....It's 6.5% with 38 IBU's.

It pours a dark amber, thicker than most red's I've tried.

The smell is a mild copper. There is subtle hop, but nothing overwhelming or definitive.

It tastes very very smooth, though hoppier than any rye I've tried yet. It is very well balanced with a medium body and a crispness that makes it refreshing even though it is a slightly thicker beer.

The aftertaste is crisp, then mild. Very drinkable. I cracked it open yesterday with my friend Kevin from Bellingham. We enjoyed it in the afternoon, both agreeing it was refreshing while still holding a unique and tasty character. Alas, it was good while it lasted...

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