Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pelican Brewery, IPA

It was a beautiful weekend on the Oregon Coast and made for the perfect time to be at the Pelican Brewery. The Brewpub is situated on the beach at Pacific City. If you haven't been there and are remotely close - Go! If your not remotely close - Go! You won't regret it.
So back to beer - to reiterate, I will start basic and together we will educate ourselves to a higher level of beer tasting.
My first beer is the Pelican IPA (India Pelican Ale). This is one of my favorite IPA's, ever. In true My Year In Beer fashion, I made notes about the beer on my beer coaster - had my wife try the beer - made notes from her, then...left the coaster right there on the table when we left to go walk along the beach. So, memories....
It has a hoppy aroma - but not overwhelming. I was a little surprised There wasn't more. The initial taste is hoppy though - Cascade hops are used and the taste is not overly flowery or spicy. It strikes a good balance with the bitterness. I'd say it has a full body - but what the hell does that mean?! I guess it helps describe the balance of flavor and bitterness while not disappearing too soon. The aftertaste leaves a little bitterness in the back of the jaw and a nice flavor in the mouth. We enjoyed the seafood quesadillas which were an excellent paring, in my taste, with the beer. The slight spiciness of the meal was enhanced, then controlled by the beer. It's own citrus spiciness wins out and refreshes the palate. That's the best I can do off of memory.... Next time, I'll bring a notebook instead of using the coaster...

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