Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jazz Guy Ale, Rogue Brewery

Let's return to the Northwest with the Jazz Guy Ale by Rogue.
It pours a light amber hue, with not much head.

The aroma is very very light coffee, which seems unexpected due to it's relatively light color. This was a tough one for me to define, I could smell malt and yeast but beyond my expertise to put a finger on it exactly.

The taste is crisp initially, but has a full body - almost creamy flavor. It is hoppy, and seems to coat the cheeks a little. Again, slight coffee tones.

Aftertaste has a full florally finish. There seems to be something like caramel in there somewhere, but again tough to define...

I am looking forward to returning to this beer after my tasting knowledge has improved. From the bottle: "9 ingredients: Harrington & Klages, Cara Vienna, English 115 & 135 Crystal Malts; Cascade & Kent Golding Hops, Free Range Coastal Waters & Top Fermenting Pacman Yeast"

53 IBU & dedicated to Jazz Lovers!

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Carly said...

I'm excited to hear your reviews of all these beers. I hope you stay on top of where one can get these beers. That way at least some people can jion you on your reviews.