Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pelican Heiferweizen, Pelican Brewery

Now we venture into new territory with the Pelican Brewery Heiferweizen. I've raved in an earlier blog about their brewery in Pacific City and this is a bottle I brought home from that trip.

It pours a golden hue without much head. It is foggy and unfiltered.

Smell is interesting. It has a decidedly yeasty smell and there is white pepper and citrus in there as well.

The taste is very balanced but with some distinct accents of coriander and orange. As with other hef's, I taste dry banana. It is mildly spicy with a dry finish.

The aftertaste is clean and dry. It is a thirst quencher and I recommend it as a nice afternoon beer, as I enjoyed it. Laying on the hammock watching the foot traffic of 23rd Place roll by.

Thanks to Carly for writing in! I will remember to recommend where one can find these tasty brews. There were a few 22 oz bottles left at the brewery when I was there, but their website announces it will "Be Back Next Summer". The only Pelican beers I've seen in grocery stores around here, so far, has been their IPA.


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