Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Denogginator Dopplebock Lager, Paper City Brewery, Holyoke MA

Another from my reserves.... The Denogginator Dopplebock Lager from Paper City Brewery in Holyoke, MA. Unfortunately, I never made it to this brewery despite it's closeness to Boston, but their beers were available at liquor stores around the Boston area (Marty's in Allston for me) or occasionally on tap at the Sunset, which I highly recommend if traveling to Boston. It's a small brewery so it's doubtful if one could find these beers outside the Northeast. Their Dopplebock is a limited release.

So let's talk beer...

It pours nearly opaque, a very dark caramel color with just a bit of light passing through it. It has a medium head.

The smell is malty sweetness. There is also a mild alcohol smell that lingers.

The taste is strong and sweet. It has a full body and is roasty. It has a sort of sugary sweetness to it. It dominates the palate.

The aftertaste is malty and strong. A nice roastiness stays in the mouth. It is a sipper and I enjoyed it late in the yard last night. A good talking beer.

Dopplebock literally means double bock. A few sources point to it's origins as being Bavarian. We'll talk more about Lagers and their process soon. For now, drink up!


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