Thursday, September 4, 2008


Hello and welcome to my blog dedicated to beer. I have a section of the kitchen devoted to a recent collection of beers gathered from the Northeast. Over the next 365 beers, I will be tasting these, as well as other beers that catch my eye.
For several years, I have fancied myself a beer connoisseur. This was kicked into high gear when I worked at The Bottleshoppe in Bellingham, WA (pour a little out for the passing of this great place!). But then I went to film school in Boston and lost touch with the intricacies of beer. Now, back on the West Coast, I want to re-explore all things beer. This blog will be devoted to relearning the craft of beer, exploring the styles and traveling to brewpubs and breweries. I invite you to pour yourself a cold one or a cask and join me!
The first posting will come this weekend. I am traveling to the Oregon Coast, where I will revisit an old favorite of mine, The Pelican Brewery in Pacific City. Stay tuned!

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